Termination of account policy

1. This Termination of account policy shall be integral part of the Terms of Use.

2. Wisenex may suspend your account and your access to the Services, or terminate the Terms of Use and close your account upon giving a notice to the email that you indicated when registering with Wisenex, if

  • Wisenex reasonably suspects your account to be involved into any fraudulent acivitied;
  • You breach any of the provisions of the Terms of Use;
  • You fail to pay for any service that was provided to you by Wisenex;
  • Your documents fail Wisenex’s internal security check;
  • Wisenex’s ongoing monitoring showed any suspicious activities at the wallets you indicated;
  • Wisenex’s ongoing monitoring shows that you have acquired a PEP status;
  • Wisenex’s ongoing monitoring shows that you have been included into any sanction lists;
  • Wisenex suspects that you are abusing the Services;
  • No transaction with respect to the services has been carried out by you for 6 (six) or more consecutive month;
  • Wisenex reasonably suspects that the transactions you perform are not compliant with any applicable laws;
  • If ordered by a subpoena, court order, order or request of a government authority or regulatory authority, and/or subject to any pending litigation, investigation, or government proceeding;
  • If you open multiple accounts;
  • There is risk to adversely affect Wisenex’s reputation;
  • Wisenex believes that your account is being used by a third party rather than you as well as the services are performed for the benefit of a third party;
  • Wisenex reasonably believes that your account is associated with any account that has been suspended or terminated for breach for any reason;
  • If you do not provide information upon the request;
  • Due to a Force Majeure Event; or
  • for any other reasonable ground we deem fit.

3. If your account is suspended or terminated, you shall not be able to access your account and use Services. Wisenex reserves the right to cancel your any pending order

4. You may terminate the Terms of Use and close your account at any time by sending an email at support@wisenex.com. Such termination shall take effect within 7 (seven) calendar days following receipt your email. You will still remain responsible for any activity on your account between sending such email and the closing of your account

5. The right to close your account shall not stop both sides from exercising any other right or remedy in respect of the breach concerned (if any) or any other breach.